This is the drum track I’m currently working on for the latest song I’ve been writing. I’m trying really hard to get a realistic and believable sound, what do you think?

Come to think of it, I’ve been a really shitty person over the past few years. It’d probably be good for me to start making some conscious changes instead of just smoking weed in response to every negative thought. Everything’s been hazy and I’ve been generally mindless in all of my decision-making. I worked as a sales associate for about a year until I recently quit, and I didn’t end up saving a single dollar of the money that I made all throughout that experience. My own ignorance to what my real problems have been has cost me some of my most meaningful relationships and connections with people that I know cannot be recovered. It’s like I’ve been blocking out the consequences of how I’ve been living my life and just wasting my time, money, and effort on smoking marijuana all the damn time trying to forget everything I’ve gotten myself into over the years.